New to BDSM?

I totally understand anybody feeling apprehensive or shy before contacting me. The world of BDSM can seem very daunting. In fact, many clients tell me they felt a combination of excitement and apprehension before we met. So if you feel like that too, the good news is that you are normal.

If you would like to session via Skype, or simply chat to me, that is possible. All Skype time is billed at £5 per min.

I would like to assure you that I am very discreet and competent and will be sensitive to your needs and limits. At the beginning of the session we will clarify any prior requests so we are both clear. Ask questions if you want to. If I see fit, you will shower. Once the tribute has been paid the session will begin.

NB. Sessions do not HAVE to involve pain. This is a myth. I will be controlling you obviously, but you will not be ‘out of control’ (if that makes sense) You will not be hurt or marked in any way and there will be no nasty surprises, unless that is what you want.. Some people are just kinky and and wouldn’t put themselves in the ‘submissive’ bracket- I’m happy to see the non sub kinkys! No problem.

FYI You will NOT be filmed or recorded. BDSM is NOT illegal. You cannot ‘catch’ anything- All my equipment is sterile and I do not offer sex.

How to approach me via email:

Below is an example of the perfect email enquiry. Polite, to the point and doesn’t waffle on!

Miss Davenshaw,

Please may I request an appointment to see you for an hour on Monday 23rd of August, in the early afternoon or late morning?

My interests include being teased, begging, being interrogated, lingerie, over the knee spanking, shoe, foot and body worship, and caning. I am particularly interested in being humiliated and embarrassed.

I will of course be lead by you, but would like to suggest a scenario like this:

An underling in Miss Davenshaw’s office is suspected of having masturbated in the stationary cupboard after seeing Miss Davenshaw in her well tailored business suit. He is summoned to an executives suite for a dressing down and, of course, it turns out to be Miss Davenshaw herself. He is mortified and she loves it. She does the above to him, tantalising him with his desire for her, her beauty, her perfect bottom. She makes him tell her his secret desires and mocks them as she makes him submit utterly to her. He hopes that he can, all his dignity being gone, beg his way into her skirt. She knows this and milks it for all it’s worth. He’s got no chance. She puts him in her sexiest stockings, makes him bend over a chair and, after making him wait like that while she lectures him on his transgressions, canes his bare bottom. She totally conquers him.

Respectfully yours,

Below are some genuine reviews written by novices:

‘For a novice, taking the first step to visit a Mistress is quite foreboding and the temptation to ‘bottle out’ is always there, especially as the appointed hour descends upon you. I’m glad I didn’t. Miss. Davenshaw is a class act, immediately putting one at ease with her friendly manner and knowledge of her subject. This really helped for a terrific role play in which she demonstrated real perception and an innate ability to hit the right buttons. The whole session exceeded my expectations and I look forward to the next appointment. A gem’. - Tidy Tim

‘For all those in search of a Mistress- in my opinion, you need look no further… Our session together was my first with a Mistress. I couldn’t have wished for anything more. On my way to her my nerves were jangling, butterflies in my stomach. I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I needed to quell that inner burning desire, the one that follows me where ever I go. Upon arrival Miss. Davenshaw’s beauty only managed to increase my nervousness! The pictures on the website do not do her justice. Miss. Davenshaw put me at ease instantly. Her friendly demeanour (well until the session began!!) and nice informal chat helped me understand my desires and I can now accept and appreciate them. I would love to tell you all what happened during the session, but that’s for Miss. Davenshaw and myself to know. Suffice to say I am already planning my next visit- I can’t wait.’- Bryn

‘The first thing to say is that if there are any novices out there considering visiting a mistress I would have no hesitation in recommending Miss Davenshaw. This was my first session and I was somewhat nervous, however I really need not have been, as I can honestly say I was surprised by how much time she spent trying to understand my fantasies and gauge my needs before the session began. I guess every novice’s biggest fear is something happening that you really don’t want, however there was never any chance of that as she was extremely attentive, discussing the session firstly through several e-mails and then for quite some time in person, making sure she knew what sort of things I wanted to do - and what I definitely didn’t!- Ezzie

I opted for a role-play scenario and as her website suggests she really does relish this sort of session, and played her part very convincingly and (just as importantly) with genuine enjoyment. The setting was clean, warm and safe, and after the session we chatted again for quite some time, partly to review the session but also about life in general (oddly I had to keep reminding myself that I was visiting a mistress, as it felt more like chatting to an old friend). All in all the session was everything I’d hoped for and more, and if you want to spend some time with a lovely, interesting, young woman who is at least as interested in your enjoyment as she is her own, then take the plunge and give Miss Davenshaw a try. I really don’t think you’ll regret it!’- King Lear

Was tongue tied and excited/terrified throughout but that just made it seem more real! It was a fantastic experience, very welcoming for a first timer but nasty when I wanted it to be in exactly the ways I asked for. Kept me quivering with fear and joy the whole time, exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for many years. -Andrew


“Desire is the very essence of man.”

Baruch Spinoza