Theres no place like home…

Just before one of her new employee’s is about to head home for the night, Miss Davenshaw taps him on the shoulder and motions for him to follow her. Once in the confines of her lavish office, he is told to take a seat. Settling herself on the corner of her desk, without saying a word she casually slides her elegant heel down to her toe where it swings gently back and forth. He is mesmerised.

Weeks ago it had come to her attention he is most definitely some sort of shoe fetishist. Either that or he just has the most monumental crush on her and can’t keep it together when she’s around. Possibly both? What fun.. another male to toy with.

She orders him to the floor to worship her magnificent shoes. They are cool to the touch, his hands tremble as he gently clasps them, and silently and diligently he plants the softest of kisses from the very tip to the slender heel. He is overcome with a deep feeling of gratitude. Miss Davenshaw read him like a book and allowed him to realise him dream. To be at the feet of such a powerful woman was such a great privilege. He would never forget this. Forever in her debt- he knows he has finally come home..


This is going to hurt…

An employee proving himself to be quite useless and on the brink of being fired, has to work late into the night to finish a piece of work. He must drop the final draft off to Miss Davenshaw in person, on Friday morning at 8am sharp. Luckily he arrives on time, sweating and nervous but to his horror realises he has forgotten it!

Furious, Miss Davenshaw makes him strip, makes him kneel before her while she gives him the dressing down of his life! The past week has been extremely arduous and this is the final straw. Instead of firing him on the spot Miss Davenshaw decides she will toy with him like a cat playing with a mouse..This will please her no end..All her frustrations of the week will be taken out on this sorry excuse for a man…


The road to ruin…......

The weeks schedule is jam packed but this morning Miss Davenshaw will be dealing with the new management trainees. It seems one of them has forgotten some of the key aspects of the contract when taking up the post. It clearly states disobedience, insubordination, lack of respect or any other transgression will be punished at the discretion of the CEO. Corporal punishment will normally be carried out by herself personally, unless she decides to delegate the task to another female staff member.

Surprisingly this young man has shown blatant disrespect to a member of the all female board and must be punished accordingly. He is subjected to a rigorous dressing down, stripped and punished before being sent back to his desk, whimpering and red faced. As soon as he arrives back he is faced with an imposing email outlining a number of menial and frankly degrading tasks to be carried before the week is out


Beware the devil woman…..

After a long and stressful week Miss Davenshaw heads to a couple of bars in The City looking for a suitable male to toy with. Her sadistic streak needs an outlet and she knows exactly what she wants… Dressed to kill in a fabulous figure-hugging dress, stockings and stiletto’s, she finds an unsuspecting young man and duly takes him back to her place. He is a bag of nerves but full of lust and from his demeanour she suspects he will be perfect to play with. She will mercilessly use his own lust against him, forcing him to endure endless humiliations. His ordeal commences quite gently but soon Miss Davenshaw ramps up play and he is teased beyond endurance while she laughs heartily at his predicament. She pretends it is her idea of foreplay and there seems initially to be no ill-will on her part. The longer this goes on the more his desperation grows, but she only becomes more amused and determined to humiliate him further. How much is he prepared to endure to please her she wonders. Only time will tell..


Blabbermouth gets his just desserts…...........
Marcus has a huge crush his boss Miss Davenshaw, and she is well aware of it. She has heard that he openly talks about how he would love to seduce her. He is portly man, slightly unkempt and has clearly never seen the inside of a gym. He clearly has ideas way above his station..

One Friday after an incredibly stressful week Miss Davenshaw feels its now time to deal with Marcus and has the perfect idea..She will entice him, play with him and finally crush him. She begins to flirt with him after a meeting together and keeps calling him to her office for unimportant reasons throughout the day. At the end of day she discretely suggests he attend her lavish London home for drinks. He cannot believe his luck.

When he arrives she looks ravishing and continues to flirt mercilessly with him. She pours him a drink. He is a bag of nerves by this point but incredibly excited. She then reveals her true intentions and directs him to his knees before her shapely legs and stunning high heels. She leans forward, bringing her quite remarkable cleavage tantalising close to his face explaining how her teasing and toying with him was in fact just a cruel joke and she of course has no interest in him whatsoever.

She humiliates him about his fanciful ideas and makes it crystal clear he wouldn’t have a chance with her if he were the last man on earth. She parades around the crumpled figure, excited by his weakened form.


Hell in high heels….

An unproductive, lazy male employee of Miss Davenshaw’s sneaks into her office when he thinks she has left for the day, and spots a spare pair of shoes which she has left under her desk. He imagines Miss Davenshaw standing there before him looking incredible in her fitted suit and elegant heels.. he becomes overwhelmed with desire to worship and sniff her shoes. Relishing his chance, he checks the coast is clear and falls to the floor, trembling as he holds her divine heels delicately in his hands while inhaling the sweet aroma.

Within minutes Miss Davenshaw arrives back at the office unexpectedly and catches him in the act. Furious, she humiliates him on the spot and decides she will make him pay for his unprofessional behaviour. He is made to grovel at her feet whilst begging for his job. He is stripped and tied. This turns him on and at the same time makes him feel worthless and ashamed. On top of this Miss Davenshaw feels that he has been taking advantage for too long; handing back assignments late and never arriving at work on time.

She now has the perfect opportunity to thrash the bad habits out of him and keep him on a tight leash. She will turn him into an exemplary employee by using his weaknesses against him along with a carefully formulated system of tasks, punishments and rewards.


Serve the ladies…

Sean works for a family run men’s shoe business that unfortunately fallen into hard times, forcing the owner to sell his business to Miss Davenshaw, managing director of a very successful shoe company catering for upper class female clientele.Having been through a very severe due diligence from Miss Davenshaw’s female team, he asks to arrange a meeting Miss Davenshaw so he can reassure his employees of a smooth transition (all male and whom are very concerned with some very unorthodox changes made to their work already)

Sean is not good with confrontation and has been stressed and in absolute fear all week as the meeting approaches. After a few exchanges of stern business emails/curt phone calls he in no uncertain terms that Miss Davenshaw wants and will force these changes to his staff…Within no time at the start of the meeting Miss Davenshaw expertly takes control of the situation and gives short shrift to his concerns. So overwhelmed by her, he splutter and stammers and is reduced to a meek tongue tied slip of a man.

Miss D then puts him through an intensive ‘shoe service’ training that will be mandatory for all his staff as they are absorbed into her company from a friendly male shoe store to a high class female shoe service with the highest of standards in quality and control ...He will have to learn all about heel height, leathers, shoe polishing, being used as a foot stool/holder as clients try on shoes, foot massage and pedicure. They must all learn how to service female clients in any way they desire. The store will provide nothing less than a 5 Star service with a doorman serving champagne as clients arrive along with a full menu of services offered


A slave is for life…

Feeling rather meek and desperate, a former employee of Miss Davenshaw calls to ask if he may see her urgently. After many years service he had left the company without much discussion, leaving very late in the day. It had certainly left ill feeling within the circles of senior management. The meeting is arranged. It transpires things haven’t gone so well in his new job- quite the opposite- the administrators had been called in and he was there to see if she might consider re hiring him. His stomach was in knots, she would never rehire him. but he was in a real scrape. Hearing his predicament delights Miss Davenshaw no end! This is the perfect opportunity to watch him really grovel and humiliate himself in front of her.

He is really going to have to work hard to make it up to her.. She makes it very clear he will have to prove his commitment in no uncertain terms and if he comes back he will sign a contract that binds him to her for life.. She will NOT be left in the lurch by him a second time. She proceeds to photograph him in humiliating positions so she has enough over him to ruin his reputation within the company if he doesn’t giver her 150%.  His life will now be spent in complete subordination to his superior and everything he does must be in service to her- however she chooses to define it..


Her way or the high way..

Miss Davenshaw summons her young private banker to her office for an emergency meeting. Things are not looking good. Her investments don’t seems to be doing as well as had been forecast and she wants answers. Miss D is the company’s most valuable client. He cannot afford to lose her. His boss has no idea he’s messed up her portfolio in a big way. He has no choice but to admit to his failings and hope Miss Davenshaw takes mercy on him.

Miss Davenshaw knows his boss well and threatens to tell him everything. Losing Miss Davenshaw’s account would mean instant dismissal and would spell the end of his career, thus giving Miss Davenshaw ultimate power over him. Relishing her elevated position, Miss Davenshaw gives him a chance to explain himself and then sets about making him pay. In more ways than one…She orders the young man, quaking in his boots, to strip.

Circling him cooly, she inspects his body, impressed with her new toy. She well and truly enjoys putting him through his paces, pointing out to him her version of what ‘relationship management’ means. She showers him with a tirade of verbal insults, slaps him repeatedly and ridicules him about his precarious position.


Slave to the women…

It’s annual review time and it’s not looking good. Morris was struggling in his previous position. A natural submissive, it was extremely difficult trying to keep up the alpha male facade in an all male department. Morris needs to understand that he is not an alpha leader, but is more suited as a beta follower. Miss Davenshaw informs him he will be being moved to an all female department where he will be used as the team gopher/ assistant.

He will be subordinate to over 30 women who have express permission to have him on call 24/7 and use him as they see fit. Miss Davenshaw has enough experience with dealing with men to know he will be happiest being led and controlled by strong women. (And happy employees work harder and better)



The heels have it..

Sub Communications’ Account Manager Chris has managed to secure a new business meeting with Miss Davenshaw, international CEO of a massive prospective client. The agency urgently needs new business, and so Chris must get her to sign or his job hangs in the balance.

Miss Davenshaw can’t help noticing he keeps staring at her brand new black patent stilettos. He seems flustered and nervous. He simply cannot take his eyes off her shoes and this gives Miss Davenshaw a devilish plan. She highly suspects he has a fetish for heels or feet and decides to milk it for all it‘s worth.

She knows how important this deal is. The power is in her hands. Unbeknownst to him she is always on the look out for unsuspecting beta males she can mould and manipulate into serving her and suffering for her if she feels that sadistic urge beckon. If he wants her to sign with them and not take her business elsewhere, he must show her he is prepared to do anything she wants



Employee of Miss Davenshaw receives a formal warning for inappropriate behaviour towards a female colleague. She decides that the best way to deal with him is to give him a taste of is own medicine. She forces him to dress as woman in her office. What can he do? If he protests he will be be fired on the spot. She orders him about, teases and taunts him all afternoon, he feels totally humiliated. For Miss D it’s a job well done!


Miss Davenshaw catches one of her staff watching some porn during work hours and is much displeased. Purely for her own amusement she blackmails him into becoming her slave for the afternoon. If he does not comply with her wishes EVERYONE will know what a pervert he is. Including his wife. He gets his balls kicked repeatedly and while he recovers from that she takes a cane to his bare behind.  A nice ball gag should stop him alerting people in the next office…


Shy man who works for Miss Davenshaw who is a very dominant Alpha female boss..who punishes him when she is displeased with his assignments. She makes him clean her high heeled work shoes, forces him to dress as her female secretary, and makes him her domestic slave, cleaning the office and washing her smalls… how utterly humiliated he feels… and how she loves it!


A new employe with a huge crush on Miss Davenshaw is hauled into Miss Davenshaw’s office. She proceeds to tell him that she has seen a rather explicit email he sent to a friend telling him exactly what he would like to do to Miss Davenshaw…. He accidentally mailed it to her… Miss.D decides to punish and humiliate him all afternoon.


Miss Davenshaw decides to deal with an arrogant and misogynistic employee who is brought to her attention He resents and belittles women in the workplace and is especially hostile to Miss Davenshaw. Miss Davenshaw is intent on resolving this problem and permanently putting him in his place, turning him into a pliant and well trained servant.



A client of Miss Davenshaw submits faulty documents resulting in the loss of a large contract. Understandably furious she calls him to her office for an explanation. He gets a firm dressing down but not satisfied with his blase attitude she decides to take things a little further. Actions speak louder than words..she hisses with a wry smile to herself. She locks the door and shows him in ‘practical terms’ exactly how she feels. She strips him down, marches him to the ladies and uses him as her toilet for the rest of the day.


After a long day of meetings Miss Davenshaw is rounding up the days events with one of her employees in her office. She notices he keeps staring at her brand new black patent stilettos… She suspects he has a foot fetish and duly locks the door and takes full advantage- he simply cant resist those heels and she knows it. Before long he is down on his knees and agreeing to Miss Davenshaw’s lengthy demands.


Jack been has been hauled before Miss Davenshaw. He has been found to be abusing the company’s property, such as extensive emails with friends during working hours and generally taking liberties. Miss D had looked into his activities and has found that he often forges time sheets and taken time off he is not entitled to. His work is often late and he really should be sacked. However Miss Davenshaw is not going to sack him. Instead he must face a round of corporal punishment. Far better! Miss Davenshaw does not shout or get angry while she is interrogating him but it is still a horrible, humiliating interview and being informed of his punishment is a shocking and unexpected moment for Jack. No-one has even smacked his bottom before and the idea of the grand Miss D doing this to him is hard to believe. He receives a hand spanking. When this is over, he finds that it was just the start. His real punishment is to be bent over and have his bare bottom caned.




Mr. Jackson had been a powerful and successful CEO for a long time but finds himself on the scrap heap.Desperate, he applies for a P.A position only to find the employer to have previously worked for him and has since become very successful. Miss Davenshaw certainly has changed, and takes great delight in his predicament.  She makes sure he is reminded of what an unfair boss he used to be and teaches him a few valuable lessons! He needs the job so much he must conform even when she advises of the unorthodox disciplinary procedures. In any case she is not sure whether he could work in an environment dominated by female management and having to comply with their every request. Miss Davenshaw applies extreme interview ‘techniques’ to test his subservient attitude.


Arrogant man (soon to be a partner in the firm) is called to the see the head of HR after a series of complaints made by female staff. His behaviour is intolerable. She has no choice but to report him to the partners who will no doubt dismiss him. Desperate not to lose his job-He asks if there is another way things can be dealt with… She insists a round of the cane for each offense… he grimaces as he bends over to receive his punishment.


Miss Davenshaw suspects one of her employees has been drinking at work and wants to have ‘a stiff word’ with him. He also fails to turn up for a very important meeting. Enough is enough! She decides he must be humiliated and punished but to add to his ordeal she invites Miss Nina Delany to watch the spectacle. Miss Delany is one of the company managers under Miss Davenshaw. She is also the object of affection of the said employee. In fact it has been common knowledge that he wishes to woo Miss Delany. Miss Davenshaw takes great relish in humiliating him relentlessly in-front of her. She makes him drop his trousers and laughs at his tiny appendage . This completely shatters his chances of ever getting even close to asking her out. She sees him for what he is - a pathetic drunk with a micro cock




Tim is a swotty school boy who likes to suck up to the teachers in the hope of being made a prefect. One day he brings some cakes to butter up the headmistress but when he walks into the office he is confronted by the sight of the head girl sitting in her chair. She is a bit of a bitch and bully and likes picking on boys especially and seeing his attempt to curry favour with cakes is the last straw. She decides to have some fun knowing he is scared of the bully and since she is the favourite knows no one will believe anything he says about her. She invites him to sit down and cooly extracts the truth from him before deciding to exact her revenge on this creep. During the questioning she noticed the pathetic loser kept staring at her beautiful stocking clad feet from which she is dangling one of her open toe shoes. She confronts him on this and forces a confession of his secret foot fetish and then the games really begin. First she takes one of the stockings off and forces him to open his mouth and puts it in and tells him to close it.
Giggling she puts the other over his face and laughs before ordering him to strip for her amusement. Humiliation then ensues over many things including the size of his manhood. She then says he must do everything to please her. This includes taking a good over the knee paddling. He thinks the ordeal is over when she then pushes him to his limit with whips/canes marking his bottom and laughing. Then he is forced to be her pet dog and walked around on a lead. Then the doggy gets his treat which is the sight maybe of the head girl teasing and verbally tormenting him and with occasional face slaps to remind him of his place. At the end she unties him and lets him worship her beautiful feet with painted toe nails which is all he can ever be allowed and maybe her legs if he deserves it. Just when he thinks the ordeal is over, he is told to pick up his cakes and hold them in front of the head girl sitting on a desk and plunging her feet into them destroying both cakes and his hopes of being a prefect before using them to feed the cake to the pervy boy and demanding he lick her feet clean again.


School boy has not done his homework. Last week he handed in a pathetic excuse for a piece of work.. There is nothing for it but to have him stand in the corner with the DUNCE hat on, every lunch time, for a week (that’s AFTER he’s cleaned the Head Mistress’s office from top to bottom).


Very naughty school boy is sent to the beautiful but very stern Headmistress. He have been caught on CCTV stealing a pair of her best black seamed stockings, She lectures him and shows him the film of him actually taking the stockings from the office. Of course he is to be severely punished, but no ordinary punishment. He is told to take all his clothes off and stand before her naked, she then tells him that if he wanted the stockings so much, then he must wear them whilst he receives his punishment. Punishment is a very hard paddling .He must bend over a chair, secured by the ankles and wrists leaving him utterly helpless. He is told that he will now receive a good hard caning, a minimum of 24 strokes, if he makes any noise he will be gagged and she will start again at the beginning.


Butchart is a trouble maker whom headmistress, Miss Davenshaw, thinks is overdue for corporal punishment. Head girl Jean has caught Butchart near the girls’ changing rooms and has sent him to Miss Davenshaw’s office, whilst she investigates. Miss Davenshaw asks Butchart why he is there. Butchart explains but denies going in the girls’ changing rooms. Miss Davenshaw makes Butchart wait whilst she checks with Jean who has just met two prefects, Susie and Kate, in the changing rooms. They had actually enticed Butchart inside to get him into trouble, but told Jean they had discovered him there suspiciously handling girls’ gym kit.Miss Davenshaw asks Butchart if he’d like to reconsider his explanation. Butchart admits going in the changing rooms at the invitation of Susie and Kate. Miss Davenshaw challenges Butchart with the version she has heard from Jean. Butchart protests his innocence. Miss Davenshaw asks why she should take the word of a liar against that of two prefects. Miss. Davenshaw recounts all Butcharts’s misdemeanours. Being out of bounds in girls changing rooms- failing to own up-lying- interfering with girls’ clothes for suspicicous purposes, uniform irregularities. Miss Davenshaw announces Butcharts’ punishment will be 20 strokes of the strap and 30 strokes of the cane to the bare bottom. Miss Davenshaw reminds Butchart of the rules. he must NOT move or make any noise whilst the punishment is being carried out. The punishment begins…


Beautiful and very strict disciplinarian Miss Davenshaw - Specializing in administering hard corporal punishment to naughty boys who have been sent to her school as no other school can manage them. Wearing a crisp white blouse, skin tight black pencil skirt and sheer black stockings she struts back and forth - a formidable sight! A young lad who has been sent to her for detention. He is disrespectful of any authority and has complete disregard for any of the school rules. He has now been sent to Miss Davenshaw who is well known for her HARD and ACCURATE caning to learn the error of his ways. “Miss Davenshaw has decided to thrash you, boy”. He trembled as she continued… “You will be receiving six strokes of the cane to your bare bottom, but first you must fetch the punishment chair and bend over. Assume the position. Present yourself to me!”


When John is disruptive during one of Miss Davenshaw’s lessons, he is told to come and see her after class. She looks very stern in her white blouse and tight black pencil skirt and, after rebuking him for his bad behaviour, puts him across her lap for a sound spanking. Some days later, John is caught cheating in Miss Davenshaw’s weekly form test and is given “six of the best” with the cane. Still not having learned his lesson, John is found ‘out of bounds’ one evening in the local wine bar and is summoned to see Miss Davenshaw the next morning when he receives a further thrashing with the cane.



Sean works for a family run men’s shoe business that unfortunately fell into hard times, forcing the owner to sell his business to Miss Davenshaw, managing director of a very successful shoe company catering for upper class female clientele.

Having been through a very severe due diligence from Miss Davenshaw’s female team, he asks to arrange a meeting Miss D so he can reassure my employees (all male and whom are very concerned with some very unorthodox changes made to their work already)

Sean is very weak with confrontation and has been stressed and in absolute fear all week as the meeting approaches, after a few exchanges of stern business emails/curt phone calls he in no uncertain terms that Miss Davenshaw wants and will force these changes to his staff…

Within no time at the start of the meeting Miss Davenshaw expertly takes control of any disagreement and opinions that he barely tries to stutter out, reducing him to a meek and tongue tied slip of a man.

Miss D then puts him through an intensive ‘female shoe service’ training that will be mandatory for all his staff as we transition and are absorbed into her company from a friendly male shoe store to a high class female shoe service with utmost demand in quality and control ...He will have to learn all about heel height, patent leathers, servicing female clients in any way they desire (shoe polishing, foot stool, foot massage, nail painting, foot worship)


Lady of the Manor

Man applies for job as butler to lady of the manor - she orders him to strip as part of his ‘interview’ and proceeds to tease and taunt him- she demands he fulfils a list of household chores and belittles him as he works.


Whilst her husband is away the Lady of the Manor decides she will amuse herself by using and abusing one of the young gardeners she’s had her eye on for months. She knows he has the hots for her. Once he is in her presence, she is demanding and cruel and teases him until he can bear it no longer. He is ordered to lick her muddy riding boots clean, clean the toilets, massage her feet and run errands for her.


Rich Heiress is fed up with her butler- She is positive he has been slacking on his duties so decides to teach him a lesson by making him clean all her lovely boots and shoes… with his tongue. He must grovel at her feet while she rested and drinks tea all afternoon, cleaning her shoes and boots, one by one. She makes sure he even licks every last speck of mud off her designer wellington boots! She spits in his mouth and tramples him whilst he lys on the floor helpless and ashamed. He promises he will buck his ideas up and work much, much harder for her.
Miss Davenshaw returns home from playing polo to find the gardener in her bedroom, naked on her bed masturbating with a pair of her silk panties from the laundry basket. He can hardly speak at the shock of being caught and immediately starts to grovel and beg for forgiveness. The sight of Miss Davenshaw stood over him with her skin tight jeans showing off her perfect arse is truly a sight to behold. Miss Davenshaw FUMES watching the man quake before her. She orders him to stand, makes him bend over the bed while she removes her belt and gives him the thrashing of his life.



John’s former nanny drops in to see him as she is in the area. It’s been 20 years since she put him over her knee but he feels an overwhelming desire to confess to her some recent sins… You are never too old for a good spanking she reminds him and duly takes charge of the situation as only ‘Nanny’ would see fit…


Sexy, frustrated wife takes it upon herself to go online and get herself a real man for once, as her poorly endowed husband is not satisfying her at all. She insists hubby helps her dress for her night of passion with the chosen stud, whilst all the time telling him in no uncertain terms exactly what she will be getting up to behind his back. What a bitch she is to him…he feels worthless and inadequate and she makes it only too clear she thinks the same of him too…