Testimonials From My Servants

This was my first session with the captivating Miss Davenshaw and it certainly won’t be my last.  I have sessioned with a number of mistresses over the past 10 years or so and my time with Miss Davenshaw was one of the best I have ever experienced.Miss Davenshaw is incredibly skilled at what she does and puts you at ease before the session starts.  She is welcoming and friendly.  Before the session started, she took the time to understand my thoughts, ideas and desires which made for an extremely satisfying and mind-blowing experience.I had requested a roleplay session where Miss Davenshaw plays a CEO who decides to make me as a male employee a slave to her and the other female employees.  She played the roleplay to absolute perfection from the beginning.  Dressed as I had requested in a white shirt (the top buttons strategically unbuttoned), tight black skirt and black boots, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders, she looked amazing and I was soon under her control.  Miss Davenshaw played the roleplay to perfection.  I was summoned to see her and soon I was naked on my knees, overpowered by her beauty and power.  What followed was a fantasy come true as I was humiliated, teased, and punished by Miss Davenshaw.  I was made to worship her boots, leg and buttocks, subjected to CBT and facesitting, and taught how to serve her and be her slave.  I got the impression that Miss Davenshaw really enjoyed the session also and revelled in her power and control over me, and in subjecting me to humiliation.  She evidently put a lot of effort and thought into my servitude and it showed, lifting the session to new heights.Miss Davenshaw is a wonderful mistress and one whom I look forward to seeing again shortly, and to experiencing once more her beauty and power.  Thanks for an amazing time. slave C


I have been caned many times by the lovely Miss Davenshaw and our sessions have always been a lot of fun.  She is a delight to be with and plays her part in our scene most realistically.  I wanted to try a Judicial Caning and could think of no-one I would trust more to thrash me both hard and accurately.  I wasn’t wrong.  I took 96 strokes altogether in 8 sets of 12 while bent over watching in carefully placed mirrors as the cane bit into my striped backside.
Miss Davenshaw was the irate Headmistress and I was the wayward teacher who had caned her girls without permission.  She wore tight black jeans and a revealing black top, offsetting her long blonde hair and looked stunning.  She was severe yet understanding, wearing a black leather glove on her right hand, the better to grip her favourite straight rattan cane, but pausing regularly to rub her left hand over my pulsating flesh.
In fact I was on a high, with endorphins flowing, for well over my allotted hour (as Antonia said, it’s amazing how time flies when one is having fun) and then I was finally allowed some relief.  I have still got faint tramlines to show for my pains five months later, as well as the more permanent reminder of an excellent set of photos focussed on my ever-reddening bottom.  A fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone brave enough to try it. Portland Bill


The session with Miss Davenshaw could not have been more erotic, enlightening, mesmerizing,  and overwhelmingly pleasing.  First of all she is amazing and a sight to behold.  She is so beautiful; dominate in her glances and facial expressions as she looks at you but understanding and so happy to make a connection with you.  Miss Davenshaw’s posh English accent and classy confident nature is amazing.  Honestly the most beautiful woman I saw in England and I was at Royal Ascot for 2 days prior!  I had a small gift for her which she opened with such gracious acceptance.  Just sitting and chatting was already making my heart flutter and pink in the cheeks.  As a true nervous vanilla male and traveling from America alone I wanted to explore my first session ever with a Female Dominant.  Whatever her fees are don’t compare or even think about passing, just make the connection and get an appointment.  Also read her twitter tweets, read dozens of them they help you understand her persona and approach and read her roll playing pages and client testimonials they help you get into the space and what the sessions might evolve into!  While I loved her CEO business persona and could easily see a session like that my inside desired a session that would explore, push my vanilla boundaries,  teach me some things, and aid my erotic kinky married life back home which is reaching an important anniversary and needs a little new zing.  I discussed with Miss Davenshaw a role playing scene dealing with my lifelong fascination with panties, spankings, very poor sexual performance, small immature penis size, and a transition fantasy of becoming a cuckold to my wife as we move past our anniversary into our next phase of married life.  Wow that’s a lot and all of it was understood, discussed in some detail and Miss Davenshaw relished the opportunity to play the role of my wife on our anniversary trip to London. It started by her announcing that the tables will be turned in our loving and intimate relationship.  She came out of the bathroom room dressed in a wonderful set of stockings, boots, bra and panties to shock her husband with the fact we were not going out to the opera but staying in.  She had things to ‘discuss’ with me and our new future together.  She informed me she knew I was stealing and had been wearing her sexy panties for years, announced that discipline and spankings would now be part of our evening ritual and after so many years of never once satisfying her during intercourse she announced “Lets just be honest honey you are not hard enough long enough to satisfy me and I have to take matters now into my own hands and explore sex with large cocked men which I will do and you will become my cuckold husband”  I was dressed up in slutty panties and camisole, carefully put on and then of course pulled down,  I was bent over her lap (my hotel room basically had a spanking bench at the foot of the bed which was amazing we laughed a bit about that) she first teased me with her finger tips in that vulnerable position before the slaps and sound spankings began.  Looking over my sore red bottom in a loving manner after standing me up.  Her private whispers, touches, demands in your ear make you stand at attention and stay in anticipation as she is able to hit all your hot buttons verbally.  I was spanked/whipped/paddled during the session with 3 or 4 implements in different positions and intensities.  I was told to lick her boots, rub and kiss her thighs but only up to a well marked line or else!  I was told I would never be allowed in her vagina again and but was allowed to kiss her most amazing pantied covered bottom.  I had my first practice at the technique of sucking and cleaning a strap on cock that she wore (She told me I needed some practice before the real thing) This way I’d be ready to clean up the her Bulls as her special cuck. Now able to bring some of these themes back home I can honestly say that already my erotic imagination and erotic married life is already improving and growing. Gregory

My request was to be strapped down, totally restrained and tickled with absolutely NO MERCY. I asked for no mercy, and boy was that what I got - no matter how much I pleaded and begged, Miss Davenshaw didn’t stop the tickle torture until she was good and ready, my own wishes didn’t come into it. Whatever sins I’ve committed in the past, I must have atoned for all of them and more that day. But what greater pleasure than to be tortured by such a stunningly beautiful woman. Thank you for another fantastic session!- Slave R

From the moment Miss Davenshaw answered the door to the time she said goodbye the time seemed to stand still in a state of eurphoric bliss ! I had previously met Miss Davenshaw during an exquisite roleplay session where every powerful CEO fantasy I had ever dreamed off was bought to life with superb skill and perfection so I was aware of just how stunning the lady greeting me would be, but even so my mind was still left reeling as Miss Davenshaw stunningly attired in business suit and the most wonderful black stockings and shoes.This time I had come for foot worship and all I can say is that kneeling before Miss Davenshaw knowing that I was indeed about to kiss the stockinged feet and heels of this elegant, classy lady well it just just sent me into orbit ! In fact such was the effect Miss Davenshaw had upon me I did something that I have not done in many many years of seeing Mistress’s, I felt compelled to actually worship the ground that Miss Davenshaw walked upon. Coming back down to earth we chatted and I got that wonderful feeling that you know you will remember this for a long time to come and that you have been in the presence of someone very special, I walked out into the afternoon sun with a big grin on my face and was buzzing for hours afterwards. I am sure I will be acquainted with and once again have the privelege of worshipping the divine Miss Antonia Davenshaw very soon. - Karl


Miss Davenshaw is a very impressive and highly recommended mistress. She has a great style in her approach - she is equally as friendly and welcoming as you arrive as she is strict and disciplinarian during the session. I contacted her to arrange a session at considerably short notice and despite this, she was totally prepared to accommodate my session request down to specific details, even down to a preference for her attire. On arrival, we had a good discussion to establish exactly what I was looking for, and how she could best deliver it - whilst at the same time respecting my personal limits. The session itself was excellent and paced very well, and Miss Davenshaw is quick to recognise what your limits are and to test them to the full. All in all, visting Miss Davenhaw was an excellent experience which I will remember (in more ways than one!) and I hope to be able to visit her again sometime in the future. Mr. Pacific



After several years of visiting the old-style leather-and-pvc dominas, my appetites had become jaded - almost as jaded as their routines, with the tired ‘on your knees, wimp’ scripts. Too often, they seemed pre-written, and they bore no relation to the fantasies that I - and other subs, I’m sure - harboured.These were based far more on daily life than on some old notion of a leather-clad whip-wielding amazon. To me, the women I worked with or encountered in daily life were far stronger sources of potential submission: my female boss whose elegant dress sense and air of detachment sent me wondering what it would be like to kneel at her heels rather than just gaze at them. Or the office manager who left me in no doubt as to her opinion of my abilities. Or the efficient and super-intelligent female doctor whose brisk manner in her surgery made me tremble as I thought of how she would deal with me in other ways. Or the slim, bright and business-like estate agent, or the stern female bank manager…When I saw Miss Davenshaw’s site, I realised that here was a woman who knew what made modern men tick - and who was going to see that we got what we deserved. She dresses like the powerful yet stylish way which most successful female executives dress - expensively but tastefully attired, with skirts which accentuate her slender yet womanly figure. She is quite petite, but this is offset by her elegant high heels, sheer stockings, a scent which announces her arrival, perfect make-up and hair. and of course, a beautiful face which only adds to her power.Yet it’s her manner which is most captivating. On my first visit to her, I was taken aback by the calm, assured, business-like tone she adopted with me. She told me her rules, and asked me about my own leanings, leaving me in no doubt that it was her preferences and tastes which were to be satisfied first. From the first second we met, she was utterly confident. In the session, she was my female boss, delivering her latest feedback on my performance - verbally at first, and then in other ways - making me strip in front of her and humiliating me for my physical shortcomings (‘I see that it’s not just in this quarter’s figures that you come up short…’) and punishing me in a deft, controlled and brisk manner which matched and stretched my fantasies of real-world, office-based domination. Going over my female boss’s knee, naked, has been an abiding fantasy of mine for years, and being spanked by her was a thousand times more real than being slapped by a traditional domme. By the end, I was lying on her floor, gazing up at her perfect form, reveling in her abuse and abasing myself in front of her, as she looked down at me, and expertly delivered her final crushing verbal sallies. She is a one-woman revolution in designer couture. I cannot wait for my next appraisal. - Penfold


What can I say, everything you read about her is true! Miss Davenshaw is a truly stunning blonde with a proper hourglass figure. She would turn my head in any street with or without the advertised office attire. Oh yes, the office attire; as she opened the door she was wearing a black pinstripe suit with a skirt just around the knee and a jacket that just covered the front of her breasts. She was wearing black stockings and black pointy toed patent leather heels. She is every inch the professional executive that I have lusted after for so many years.She proceeded to glean from me that I can’t help wanking when I meet women like her and I immediately admitted that I wanted to wank in front of her there and then. To this she explained how she likes her subs to be naked and she instructed me to strip off, lay on the floor and wank as she strode around me. It was delightful. There followed a good hour during which she variously stood over me, had me worship her legs and feet giving me great views up her skirt as well as plenty of opportunities to caress her legs, plenty of face sitting (much more than I imagined I’d get) and a little spanking (that I only asked for to get close to her legs again, she did not disappoint there). By the end of the hour she was down to her underwear, all in the name of establishing my reaction to various states of undress of professional women. Believe me, seeing a high class business woman striding around you while you kneel on the floor as she suddenly slides out of her skirt revealing the panties you have asked to see (and later buy), is a an experience to savour.

(Excuse me a minute, I had to stop writing there for a moment.)

By the time I left, after all the gazing, face sitting, leg caressing, and everything else (not to mention the panties in my pocket), I was a thoroughly happy man. I strolled off down the road, bought some lunch in an everything shop and sat with a book happier than I have been for a long time. While I couldn’t afford to do this very often, being roughly double my usual budget, I’d say it was well worth it as the interaction between the two of us was top notch and for me it’s the connection that matters the most.If you’ve been thinking about Miss Davenshaw for as long as I have, and you can possibly manage to get it together, I would give her a call. She is very accommodating, utterly stunning in every way, and not nearly as scary as you might imagine (unless of course you want her to be)-Mr.G



Miss D, Thank-you for yesterday’s marvellous session, which was one of the most realistic and certainly the most professional that I have come across in my odyssey through UK Mistresses. I very much hope to see you at least once more whilst you are still in London. Mr.Wells

I have had quite a few sessions now with Miss Davenshaw and will be going back for many more.  Two incidents during my teenage years have given me one normal and one perhaps more strange fetish. The first was seeing a lady wearing a PVC anorak and the second was pumping up a nearly flat car tyre for a gorgeous young lady. Ever since then I have wanted to spend time with a lady, wearing PVC, who might indulge my fantasy and tell me about any flat tyres or slow punctures she has had.
With this in mind, I have written to various ladies who quoted being specialists in Role Play and Fantasy. Miss Davenshaw was one of the few ladies who took the time to reply to my request so I booked a session with her.
Her pictures do not do her justice, she is truly a very beautiful woman. Before the session started proper, she took the time to chat through our emails about how the session might go. As my request was slightly different to what I understand is her usual type of session, she took the time to go over exactly what I wanted out of our time together. She soon had a very good understanding of what I desired.
So the session started, and Miss Davenshaw kindly wore the outfit of my request, a black pencil skirt and white blouse, high heeled shoes, and a lovely light blue PVC raincoat. She then conversed with me about how my fetishes had started and was able to get me very turned on, sharing all my experiences and fantasies with her. Antonia then topped off the session for me by telling me in great detail about a few of the times she has had the misfortune to have a flat tyre using all of her role playing skills to enhance the true stories she was reciting, knowing exactly how to play on my fantasies.
That first visit was back in July 2010 and since then I have been back to see Antonia as much as time allows. She has allowed me to bring her various PVC clothing items that she loves to wear, much to my complete satisfaction. She always takes the time to allow me to freshen up before and after, and as on my first visit, thoughtfully and thoroughly plans the session with me before it starts.
People have many different fantasies and fetishes. If you want to have a lady assist with yours, I would highly recommend asking if Miss Davenshaw can accommodate you. As mentioned, she is stunningly beautiful, very good company and very good at her job as she has a thorough knowledge of role play and fantasy. Writing her an email was the best thing I have ever done…- Byron

I have been visiting Mistresses for some years now and I can truly say that Miss Davenshaw is one of a kind. Miss Davenshaw’s preliminary arrangements were flawless, and her ability to improvise in session with role-play is outstanding. Miss Davenshaw was cast in the role of assertive female colleague and played it brilliantly. Her skill of conveying control and her beauty make an addictive combination, with her eye contact and facial expressions a key asset.
Miss Davenshaw has the focus and skill to deliver an intense CBT experience - I was blindfolded whilst initially dealt with in an uncompromising manner, and then when the blindfold was removed I could see Miss Davenshaw’s full form for the first time - which is genuinely stunning. Expert boot worship demands followed and then a return to CBT with hands, implements, and boots all in play. It was at this stage Miss Davenshaw introduced a killer knee tactic - which has full “impact”, and not for the faint-hearted.
A clear case of be careful what you wish for! Thank you,  Miss Davenshaw.- The Dice Man

“Yes, Miss Davenshaw.”
“Head down. Hands behind your back,” commands a cut-glass voice without a hint of warmth. I feel ropes encircling my wrists. Quickly. Tightly.
“On your front. Legs together.”
Before I can protest, my ankles are firmly stretched up behind me to join my wrists. I’m told to roll over, exposing my vulnerability. My heart races. Above my head, perched on the very edge of her seat sits a beautifully slim and stunningly attractive blonde woman in elegant, black lingerie. A portrait of quintessential English femininity. The sharp heel of her Yves Saint Lauren boot gently strokes across my lips.
“Suck it!”
My mind struggles with reality. This is surely a dream, the same fantasy that has replayed countless times deep in the recesses of my mind for as long as I can remember. But, it must be real because only 10 minutes ago I remember walking into a wonderfully inviting apartment that did nothing to forebode the exacting domination and punishment that lay ahead. Over the past 5 years I’ve seen many professional Mistresses. With many of those its clear that femdom is a more a profession than a passion. Despite rooms full of intimidating dungeon equipment, momentary figures of unsure speech or diffident actions betray the façade. I’ve never met a Mistress who exudes assured superiority as naturally as Miss Antonia Davenshaw. Her commands are sharp and to the point, her actions totally assured and precise, her physical beauty only secondary to her mental prowess. I think I have finally found the embodiment of genuine female authority.
A blindfold is placed across my eyes. Darkness surrounds me. My breathing quickens as boot heels click across the wooden floor… I listen. Silence.
A leather crop lands hard on the very tip of my engorged penis. A gunshot of pain shoots through my body. I squirm and struggle against the ropes with all my strength, but can’t escape.
My heart pounds. Sharp heels click. I hear a desk drawer slide open.
“I have another surprise for you”….- Nathan


My session with Miss Davenshaw was absolutely amazing and far surpassed all my expectations. While I have fantasised about being sexually dominated and humiliated by a gorgeous lady all my adult life I have only visited four pro domme Mistresses. Miss Davenshaw is head and shoulders above the others - not only is she totally stunning but she immediately ‘got’ my fantasy (female Boss) and took on the role perfectly taking total control throughout the session. There is a real skill in the way Miss Davenshaw utilises the likes and dislikes discussed before the session and uses them in a really natural, unscripted, way. It made me feel totally at her mercy with no idea what she would do next. If you are thinking about visiting a Mistress for a femdom session in London then I can’t rate Miss Davenshaw highly enough. - Francis


Last Friday, I had the great pleasure of a 90 minute session with the beautiful Miss.Davenshaw having previously visited her for the first time back in March. She was wearing this business suit and black seamed stockings and high heels, she looked stunning. Miss. Davenshaw went through my scenario with me just to make sure we agreed on everything. She is playing the part of the Head Mistress and this was to be a continuation of my last visit. I was again summoned to Miss. Davenshaw’s office and told to take all my clothes off and stand before her, she wanted me to explain why I had disobeyed her and masturbated without her permission. I was told that my punishment was going to be double what I had received last time and that I had to prepare myself for the hardest caning yet as I had clearly not learnt my lesson. Miss. Davenshaw sat on a chair and I was told to get across her knee, I had a wonderful view of her calf and her seamed stockings, the hand spanking was hard, it seemed to last forever, it was wonderful, what more could a bloke want, over the knee of this beautiful lady receiving a good hand spanking. Eventually the spanking finished. I was then lead into the bedroom and told to lie on the bed on my back, I was tied down spread-eagled, I could not move. Miss. Davenshaw told me that this was a new punishment that the school had introduced for very naughty pupils, different but very effective. I was to receive 50 hard hand spanks on the inner thigh of each leg, a very sensitive area and I was told that it will hurt. Miss. Davenshaw started spanking my right thigh, 10 hard spanks, boy she was right they did hurt, then she started lightly stroking my thigh, this was almost unbearable but it really turned me on, I felt like I was in heaven, tied down helplessly and watching my beautiful Head Mistress stroking and spanking my thighs.I was eventually released from the bed and taken back to Miss. Davenshaw’s office, I had to bend over a chair and my hands were tied down to the back of the chair, now then, Miss Davenshaw told me that I was to receive double the strokes of the cane from my last visit, 80 strokes administered 10 at a time. I was told that I must keep absolutely silent throughout the caning, any noise would result in extra strokes of the cane. Miss Davenshaw had some new canes she wanted to try, I think 3 or 4 different canes were used. The strokes were hard and very accurate as always with Miss Davenshaw, she is so good with the cane, I can honestly say that I will be making many more visits to Miss. Davenshaw she is Simply The Best and takes great care in everything she does and you never feel rushed, I feel very honoured to have been caned by her.If you like receiving good hard accurate corporal punishment a visit to Miss. Davenshaw is a must. Very Highly Recommended - Larry




Visiting Miss Davenshaw last week was an absolutely thrilling experience. I e-mailed first to explain why I felt a strong need to be put firmly in my place. Miss Davenshaw suggested I would benefit from both punishment and humiliation, and recommended I give her more or less free rein. I agreed, other than requesting no lasting marks.When I arrived, gift in hand, I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful Miss Davenshaw is. She was elegantly dressed in a stylish business suit which perfectly complemented her alluring figure. I was quite mesmerized by her! Miss Davenshaw ushered me in, in a polite but businesslike way, and accepted my gift graciously. We had a brief discussion about how humiliation and punishment might make me more accepting of my inadequacies. She assured me she would leave no marks but warned me she didn’t intend to go easy on me just because it was my first time. I was quivering at this point, having no idea what to expect. It began with Miss Davenshaw ordering me to strip naked and kneel in front of her. I was allowed to kiss her shoes for a few moments, then she had me kneel forward with my head on the ground. While I waited in this undignified position she fetched a large, flat hairbrush from her desk and proceeded to spank me, hard, steadily and methodically, for quite some time. Eventually I was allowed to rise, and Miss Davenshaw informed me that I was to attend to a few domestic chores. She dressed me in an extremely embarrassing outfit and put me to work, correcting my occasional mistakes with firm swats of the hairbrush.The greatest humiliation was yet to come though. After I had finished my chores, Miss Davenshaw sat me down and explained that I hadn’t yet been embarrassed enough. She explained that in my case watersports would be particularly effective in making me more accepting of my inferiority. This came as a complete surprise but I found myself obeying Miss Davenshaw’s instructions unquestioningly. I was stripped naked once more and directed to the bath.Miss Davenshaw ordered me into the correct position to catch the full stream. Within a few moments I was well and truly soaked. It was the most humiliating, yet completely thrilling experience imaginable. Afterwards, Miss Davenshaw left me to shower, with strict instructions to thoroughly clean the bath. I was left with a towel but instructed to leave it in the bathroom once I was washed and dried. My task complete, I walked naked into Miss Davenshaw’s office where she was reading at her desk. She then had me turn around to check whether my bottom could take any further punishment without marking. The verdict was yes, so I endured another session with the hairbrush; bent over the couch this time.There was time for a short but delightful conversation before Miss Davenshaw had me dress and sent me on my way.Miss Davenshaw is certainly breathtakingly beautiful but that is far from the most alluring thing about her. Her intelligence, poise, grace, elegance and perfect judgment made this the most thrilling experience - as did the strong suspicion that she genuinely enjoyed it herself! - Tall Terence

Having seen Miss Davenshaw for a half hour session previously I was now excited about the full hour. I was struck again by her sexy figure (with stockings and patent high heels on this occasion) and her pretty face which was nicely emphasised with some sultry red lipstick. We then sat down and discussed the session. I wanted a sexy boss CFNM role play but, developing on from last time, this time I wanted the cane! We began the roleplay and once again Miss Davenshaw assumed the role of the sexy boss, dealing with her employee for email abuse. I was soon across her knee for a spanking over my trousers and also a leather paddle was produced which stung a little. Having spent some time face down I was then ordered to stand with my hands on my head while Miss Davenshaw circled me, all the time telling me off and allowing me to watch her lithe calves as she strutted around. “Right - take your trousers down and remove your shirt” I was ordered. Very soon I was in just my underwear as Miss Davenshaw bent me over a chair and applied that stingy paddle to my backside. The best was yet to come though. After another spanking over her knee ( an action that prompted a predictable stirring in my nether regions) Miss Davenshaw proceeded to remove her skirt and jacket revealing the most fantastic combination of stocking and suspenders and a push up bra that simply took my breath away. This is the stuff of dreams, let along fantasies I thought to myself as once more I was folded across her stockinged thighs - heaven. After more spanking and paddling the time had come to see how sorry I was. With underwear removed I was once again bent over the chair for 20 strokes of the crop and (following some sympathetic rubbing) 10 strokes of the cane. It was my first time with the cane and despite a few sharp intakes of breath the lighting flash of the stroke was quickly over and I took my punishment. Miss Davenshaw didn’t rush me out and we discussed the session and my thoughts at the end. I cannot recommend Miss Davenshaw highly enough, she is beautiful and charming and makes you feel very relaxed. However, she expertly goes about her task and I would hate to think what colour my bottom might go if I let her have her head with the cane… an implement she clearly enjoys using. A brilliant up-market experience which I totally recommend - Harvey

In the pantheon of Female Dominants, Miss Antonia Davenshaw occupies a unique and exceptional position among other Mistresses. Whereas they present themselves as explicitly fetishistic dominants catering to the lovers of leather and latex, Miss Davenshaw is simply a stunningly beautiful, articulate, sophisticated, well-spoken and enticing mix of corporate severity and educated feminine power. Accordingly, She has moved seamlessly to occupy what has been for far too long, a gap in the market for a Domme who can cater to submissives craving the attentions of a stern Boss in a more corporate mould. For a long time the London and indeed the international Femdom scene has been missing its corporate queen. Well, with the arrival of Miss Davenshaw this particular area of the market has been well and truly catered for. - Footloose.

Without doubt I would say unreservedly Miss Davenshaw is the most complete Mistress, you could ever hope to meet. From her perfectly toned body, to her stunning face, her beauty is flawless and without question. Combine this with her completely natural manner and disposition, I could not dream of a more perfect Goddess or session. With other Mistresses I have met, it feels very rehearsed and unnatural, a kind of “Domm-ing through numbers scenario”, where the Mistress seems to just be going through the process. This was completely not the case with Miss Davenshaw, who not only did I believe enjoyed the session, but would lead it, intuitively to places, through the reactions and stimulus of the sub, to a whole new level. She may be beautiful, but she certainly knows how to rule! What this resulted in, was a fantastic and natural domination session that literally did blow my mind! I can not wait to return and I suggest You do the same as seeing really is believing- KM Arthur

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of being disciplined by Miss Davenshaw. She played the part of a Head Mistress to perfection and left me in no doubt how naughty I had been, she lectured me on my misdemeanors, told me to strip naked and put me in a pair of her best stockings to humiliate me. She then proceeded with my punishment, a very hard over the knee hand spanking. This was then followed by a good hard caning, I was secured to a chair with my poor bottom sticking out as a nice target, boy this Lady knows how to use a cane, very hard and extremely accurate, I lost count of how many strokes I received, at least 40 plus. I am already looking forward to my next visit, this was the best hour I had spent in a long time. Highly recommended - Brent

Having discovered CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) recently I was delighted to come across Miss Davenshaw’s website which seemed to promise the ultimate in role play by a seriously attractive, well dressed lady. A promise which was fulfilled. My breath was taken away when from behind the door stepped the slim and alluringly pretty Miss Davenshaw, dressed in a grey business suit - provocatively unbuttoned to reveal ample cleavage. Wow, the website pictures do not lie. Going through to the main room we sat and chatted for a good few minutes as Miss Davenshaw found out more about what I was after ( a sexy boss CFNM roleplay). Her communication via email and on the phone and had been understandably short but now in front of her, sitting as she was perched on an office chair at her desk, she was open and understanding, experienced and ever so sexy.What followed was an amazing half hour session (I will definitely be booking for an hour next time) with me being spanked across Miss Davenshaw’s knee in various states of undress. Until eventually I was naked across her thighs (she had hitched her skirt a little higher and as I dangled across her lap I got a gorgeous view of calves and taut thigh muscle) and she was giving me a stinging bottom, but not enough to mark me! Fantastic judgement.If you are looking for a super sexy role play from a genuinely stunning girl then I cannot recommend Miss Davenshaw highly enough. I am so looking forward to my next session!” - Brian

“Easily the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been beaten by” - Moby

I contacted Miss Davenshaw with a view to booking a cuckold / chastity roleplay and Miss Davenshaw was kind enough to agree to meet me for a session. I was greeted by a truly stunning mistress - not just attractive or good looking, but genuinely unobtainably beautiful. I don’t consider myself a naturally submissive person - which probably doesn’t make too much sense as it’s not by accident that I’m sat in front of a professional mistress, but what I mean is that my submissive side needs a bit of work to get going. Miss Davenshaw had no problem putting me in my place. After a quick chat about my chosen fantasy, limits etc, during which I had to try to stop myself looking like a love struck schoolboy, Miss Davenshaw took the lead on the cuckold roleplay.Miss Davenshaw played the part of my cheating girlfriend absolutely perfectly. Tormenting me with the heartless details of how she would be going out to meet her lover leaving me locked in my chastity device, and dressed in her lingerie. She weaved a humiliating fantasy, teasing me all the while with her perfect body and denying me any chance of pleasure. She reveled in my frustration and took such delight in explaining to me just how my life as her cuckold would unfold. The time and effort Miss Davenshaw clearly put into planning the roleplay was very apparent and the result was a wonderful experience that I will look forward to repeating - Locked up lad

Yesterday I had the pleasure of submitting to Miss Davenshaw. From her website I knew I had to take the plunge and I am so glad that I did. Although the pictures on her website do not show her face, be assured she is stunning with intelligence to match.  The session included all that I had asked for with Miss Davenshaw ensuring that she knew all my likes and limits before we started. The role play I asked for was expertly carried out. If you wish to be dominated by a beautiful woman who knows how to role play then look no further- Dr. House

Wow, after 26 years visiting Mistresses I had it all wrong. I always insisted on the dungeon and all the other things that go with it. Recently a part of me started to get curious about a more domestic setting and a Mistress in role play as an everyday person, I realised that actually this was more of a buzz perhaps than a dungeon etc… Anyway I booked a session with a fantasy role play about being caught by a female co worker who had seen me checking out her leather boots and gloves, then calling me on it and basically teaching me how they could give pleasure and pain. Miss Davenshaw was out of this world in every respect she did things with boots and gloves I’d never experienced before despite the many “fully equipped and experienced” Mistresses of plenty of previous years. Totally brilliant and the first time I have got home from a session and started planning the next visit. At one point I was tempted to see if I could get another session today the day after the first one! I decided to leave it a week or two and savour the return visit and all the new ideas I have now I know just how wonderful Miss Davenshaw is - I don’t just mean in the role play either, a really great lady in and out of the session. I didn’t worry about anything during the session, nothing distracted me at all just enjoyed being swept (and kicked) away - Bootboy

A decent caning is so hard to find in London these days. Caning is hard work and how delightful it was to recently meet Antonia Davenshaw, who combined a rare beauty with a powerful and effective right arm. Unlike the ‘back of a bus’ brigade, and the goddesses who insist on it, Miss. Davenshaw is happy to apply the cane in various states of undress. I presented myself for 100 strokes of the cane and watched mesmerized as Miss. Davenshaw’s breasts came into view whilst her right arm applied the the rattan to my deserving backside. I had been remiss and not properly caned for 2 months so I asked for maximum power from cold and full force throughout the punishment. At the end, fully satisfied I lay exhausted as my bottom throbbed and I could see that she was showing signs of considerable exertion. Excellent I thought, for a young lady to be exercising in this way than wasting time in the gym. If like me, you like being thrashed by beautiful women, I cannot recommend Antonia highly enough - Gregory

Mistress Antonia is simply a stunning lady, with an amazing fit and toned body. On arrival you are instantly put at ease with her friendly manner, I found her receptive to my ideas and easy to talk to. She is precise and thorough making sure boundaries set were clear- She is one of the only Mistresses I have met who really takes time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want with each role play. All my sessions with Mistress Antonia have been incredibly satisfying. It is a honour to know you Mistres xx - Mr.Ireland

For a novice, taking the first step to visit a Mistress is quite foreboding and the temptation to ‘bottle out’ is always there, especially as the appointed hour descends upon you. I’m glad I didn’t. Miss Davenshaw is a class act, immediately putting one at ease with her friendly manner and knowledge of her subject. This really helped for a terrific role play in which she demonstrated real perception and an innate ability to hit the right buttons. The whole session exceeded my expectations and I look forward to the next appointment. A gem. - Sandy

For all those in search of a Mistress- in my opinion, you need look no further… Our session together was my first with a Mistress. I couldn’t have wished for anything more. On my way to her my nerves were jangling, butterflies in my stomach. I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I needed to quell that inner burning desire, the one that follows me where ever I go. Upon arrival Miss Davenshaw’s beauty only managed to increase my nervousness! The pictures on the website do not do her justice.Miss Davenshaw put me at ease instantly. Her friendly demeanor (well until the session began!!) and a nice informal chat helped me understand my desires and I can now accept and appreciate them. I would love to tell you all what happened during the session, but that’s for Miss Davenshaw and myself to know. Suffice to say I am already planning my next visit- I can’t wait. - Thomas

I’ve experienced some marvelous sessions with Mistress Antonia. Her attention to detail is second to none. I felt safe, yet pushed to the very limit. Mistress, you are a true goddess. Thank you. After meeting you and realising my fantasy I feel a great weight has been lifted - C.Vinola

Last week I had the pleasure of being punished by Miss Antonia Davenshaw. I have to say she is as attractive as I hoped and dressed to thrill (kill?) in a very sexy but professional looking suit, with fabulous killer heels. She is really natural and works hard to discover your inner secrets to ensure maximum enjoyment in the session. We played out roles involving secretary/boss with power reversal that was not too scripted and she took control brilliantly. Cleanliness is very important to Miss Davenshaw and she encouraged me to shower before and after the session.  She is also impeccably dressed.  The session was everything I hoped for and I still think of Miss Davenshaw gazing playfully into my eyes as she tortures my nipples! This is a lady who clearly enjoys her work and is definitely not simply going through the motions. I can’t wait to return for more of the same. Thanks again for a really enjoyable visit. - Chase

It really is an amazing experience to surrender control to such a beautiful,and classy lady such as Antonia - Alex.J


Having seen a couple of Pro Dommes, I was looking for someone who could take me back to the corporate world of power dressed women in sharp suits and sky scraper stilettos. Having exchanged a couple of e-mails with Miss Davenshaw,  After being welcomed inside I was able to see Miss Davenshaw properly, and the photos on her site don’t do her justice as she is easily one of the most attractive women I’ve ever met. During the usual pre-session chat, her intelligence and caring nature became apparent along with her no -nonsense approach. Whilst direct there was none of the belittling or rudeness that I’ve experienced in the past with some other domes. Having covered the usual likes, dislikes and health issues and other pre-session details it was time to start the session proper. After being allowed to shower in a well appointed and clean bathroom the session was underway. Whilst I won’t go into details of what happened as I believe that should remain between the domme and her sub, the session included humiliation, foot and shoe worship, teasing and a few other elements - all expertly carried out, with Miss Davenshaw always being mindful of my requests and being genuinely concerned that I had the session I wanted and that I left satisfied. Again I was offered a shower at the end and able to have a brief chat with Miss Davenshaw before leaving, feeling very satisfied with the session. Would I recommend Miss Davenshaw - if you want to be dominated by a beautiful, strict lady dressed in stylish office attire in a domestic / office environment then you should definitely send her a respectful e-mail detailing what your fantasies to see if she will permit you a session with her. Would I go back - yes if she’ll permit me another session, then definitely. - Carlos

I first saw Miss DavenShaw’s website few years ago, but because it appeared to be just what I was looking for I delayed making contact for some time. That might seem strange but I needed to be more certain that this was really what I wanted.So I took a little bit more help and advice and came to fully accept that I was wholly inadequate to satisfy the alpha female that I am attracted to. I am not gay or a transvestite as such, but I had finally accepted that I would have to be fully feminised before being able to serve my dream lady. Also I understood that as a sexually inadequate sissy one of my highest goals was to be a cuckold. This I know and accept can involve (if I am lucky) worshiping a superior cock to my own. Kissing another man does not appeal to me at all; however worshiping a cock that is allowed privileges that I can only dream of, in the presence of my Mistress, for their mutual enjoyment is something that very strongly appeals to my submissive nature. From research on the internet and some personal experience I was becoming acquainted with chastity control and had already purchased a cb3oo and bird-locked chastity devices. So I knew that if I was ever lucky enough to meet the Mistress of my dreams it was very likely to be a life changing experience. With this in mind I wrote to Miss Davenshaw via email with a brief explanation of what I was looking for and would she be happy to meet me. I then went on a holiday on the East coast (wearing chastity) where I went on long walks contemplating what it would mean for me if, on my return, there was a positive reply to my email. There was! I made an appointment, I was very nervous. I brought Miss Davenshaw underwear that I knew she would like and champagne, as I wanted her to understand how much it meant to me that she was willing to meet me. I am very glad that I did because I was so nervous on meeting my dream that I almost blew it. When I gave Miss Davenshaw the gifts she reacted in a totally spontaneous way and was apparently delighted. This not only gave me a huge surge of relief but seriously excited me, as a potential cuckold my Mistress accepting underwear was delightfully humiliating. The ice broken we went on to have an extremely enjoyable session. The session being in a domestic setting allowed my fantasy to normalise. I very much believe that it is completely natural for a beta male to wish to serve an alpha female even though they are denied sex. Miss Davenshaw was very pleased with my chastity device and gently assured me that my cock was completely inadequate to give her pleasure. I was allowed to kiss the expensive knickers (that I had donated) covering her bottom and she discovered that I am a bottom worshiper. I loved and adored her as I was allowed to do some of her ironing whilst we chatted. Miss Davenshaw was enthusiastic and complementary about my maid’s outfit. We looked at porn that featured large man sized cocks and I was allowed the pleasure of whimpering quietly at her side. Eventually I was tied to the foot of a double bed and I finally realised that Miss Davenshaw was going to cuckold me and I was going to be eternally in her debt as a result. What a result!- Ole Smikie

I was initially attracted to arranging a meeting from looking at the pictures of Miss Davenshaw on her website and her interests, particularly the different role play scenarios, which straight away show that she is an intelligent, educated, lady with a very interesting imagination and range of interests.  Over the years I have visited a number of Mistress, but none are able to match the facial and bodily beauty of Mistress Davenshaw!!!!!!Before our session started, Mistress and I had a detailed discussion of my interests, experience, health issues, and limits. I chose to experience a naughty schoolboy scenario sent to the Headmistress for punishment and training. Before the session commenced, I was offered the opportunity to take a shower, which I gladly did.  After I came out of the bathroom having taken the shower I stood before Mistress with just the towel around my waist. I was then lectured by Mistress regarding my faults (all done in a perfectly serious way—-a perfect Headmistress role play), and was then instructed to remove the towel from around my waist. I was then standing naked before the fully clothed, beautiful Mistress Davenshaw, who then sat herself upon a chair and then ordered me to bend over her knees. There followed a prolonged hand spanking on my bare bottom, followed by me being required to bend over the chair to have my bottom further chastised by various implements, all the while being lectured to by Mistress as a naughty schoolboy who deserved to be and needed to be punished. Later, I was taken into a bedroom and tied to the end of the bed facing Mistress, (who now clad in just underwear which showed her beautiful body to perfection) subjected me to CBT. Following this I was then again restrained with my bottom and body totally at the mercy of Mistress for further discipline. All in all, a memorable session!!!! I hope and intend to see Mistress Davenshaw many more times in the future!!!!- Buchanan